Unify and Orchestrate contact with your customers.

Data Pipelines is a CDP that connects your customer data with your marketing team’s systems, allowing you to create and automate audiences for direct contact or much more robust digital campaigns.

© 2024 Peaberry Software, Inc
© 2024 Peaberry Software, Inc

Find everything about your customers in one place.

Make every customer feel unique with our integrated solution that allows you to access a complete view of their interactions and preferences. From in-store and online sales to engagement in digital marketing and loyalty programs, all key information is at your fingertips. Leverage customer lifetime value (LTV) data, recent purchases, and campaign engagement to deliver targeted and personalized promotions.

Explore, Segment, and Integrate your Audiences across all channels.

Maximize the impact of your marketing strategies with our advanced platform that enables you to explore and segment your audiences with surgical precision. With our solution, you can not only integrate and manage all your audiences across multiple channels but also leverage our detailed analytics to make informed decisions.

© 2024 Peaberry Software, Inc


© 2024 Peaberry Software, Inc

Orchestrate truly comprehensive campaigns and experiences.

With our advanced platform, your business can orchestrate marketing campaigns and create user experiences that are not only comprehensive but also cohesive across all touchpoints. Our platform seamlessly integrates with our email marketing solutions, providing unparalleled flexibility and the ability to send data through any messaging tool.

Get much more than with an email marketing platform.

Discover a new dimension in customer communication that goes beyond traditional email marketing. Our Data Pipelines seamlessly integrate with our Journeys email marketing solution, giving you the freedom to send data between messaging tools while maintaining the highest security and privacy standards. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every message is personalized and timely, strengthening the connection with each customer.

© 2024 Peaberry Software, Inc
On a platform with enterprise-level security and service.

Elevate your data security to enterprise level with our advanced platform, designed to comply with the most demanding regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA. We guarantee the protection of your information through our Infinity Vault and Google Cloud, ensuring a robust and reliable infrastructure. We offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to send data between messaging tools without compromising security.

Unleash the power of your data with Customer.io & Hardcod3
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