Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions of Engagement for Infinity Hub, Operated by Hardcod3 LLC

Effective Commencement Date: Apris 1st, 2023

I. Introduction

Upon accessing and utilizing the services offered by Infinity Hub, users are entering into a binding agreement, governed by the terms and conditions outlined herein. If any user finds themselves not in agreement with these terms, it is advised to refrain from using the platform.

II. Overview of Services

2.1 Centralized WordPress Site Management: Infinity Hub provides a streamlined dashboard, meticulously crafted to offer users an unparalleled experience in managing their WordPress projects. This includes rigorous site health monitoring and a swift one-click access feature fortified with Single Sign-On capabilities.

2.2 Plugin Integration and Adaptation: Users have the privilege to incorporate a selection of premium plugins, with the added benefit of tailoring them to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal site functionality.

2.3 Superior Web Hosting Services: Infinity Hub is committed to delivering top-tier web hosting services, ensuring rapid site responsiveness. Additionally, we offer dedicated migration services for a hassle-free transition, all underpinned by robust security protocols.

III. User Responsibilities

Users are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of their account details. The unauthorized sharing or dissemination of account information is strictly prohibited and may result in corrective actions.

IV. Intellectual Property Protections

All content associated with Infinity Hub, from its design elements to its written content, remains the exclusive property of Hardcod3 LLC, protected under prevailing copyright laws.

V. Financial Commitments

All financial obligations related to Infinity Hub’s services are due upon service registration or renewal. Detailed refund policies, if applicable, are available in the platform’s billing section.

VI. Termination Provisions

Hardcod3 LLC retains the right to suspend or terminate user accounts if they are found in violation of these terms or if they pose potential security risks.

VII. Limitations and Liabilities

Hardcod3 LLC and Infinity Hub disclaim responsibility for any indirect damages or losses that may arise from the use or inability to access the platform’s services.

VIII. Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Discrepancies or disputes arising from these terms or from the use of Infinity Hub’s services will be addressed through arbitration, as detailed in our comprehensive Dispute Resolution Policy.

IX. Amendments to Terms

We reserve the right to periodically review and revise these terms. Users will be notified of any significant changes, and continued engagement with the platform signifies acceptance of any updated terms.

X. Contact and Communication

For inquiries, feedback, or concerns related to these terms or any other aspect of our service, users are encouraged to communicate with us directly at support@hardcod3.com

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